Grosse Sachen/performance with dance and live music/performer, singer/songwriter

2019 schallundrauch agency

Dragons laugh, houses crash, excavators do big things. Cranes, mountains, the sea, the trees in Prater. The world is big and through my telescope I see a big thing. What is that actually? A dinosaur or rather an elephant? A cloud woman? A something? A nothing?

And if it is nothing, can it become something? Or anything? And what can I become when I slip into mom's shoes? Or in daddy's coat? And suddenly a wind blows, suddenly I hear something, suddenly a story invents itself. And then we dance. Because the greatest thing in the world is still my joy and my anger. And my thoughts!


»A wonderful dance performance with live music about creativity and greatness, sensitively designed aesthetically and still inviting the young audience to the end of the game.« (Junge Kritik)

»Jules Mekontchou, Una Wiplinger and Michael Haller

have become a well-rehearsed team for pieces for the very young and [...] do it wonderfully. [...] A small big performance.« (Falter)

Director: Janina Sollmann

Performance, music, play development:

Michael Haller, Jules Mekontchou, Una Wiplinger, Simon Schober

Artistic advice: Gabriele Wappel

Assistant director: Wanda Petri

Light and technical management: Silvia Auer

Stage, costume: Anna Panzenberger

Pedagogical support: Karin Vrbecky

Musical arrangement: Una Wiplinger

PR, Production: Jasmin Strauss-Aigner

Photos:Theresa Pewal

War Zone/ music video/dancer

2018 Birds In Trees

Dance: Una Wiplinger

Costume: Claire Chatel

Video & photos: Heidrun Schaumüller

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Kugelkopf ext. 4wt: Sub Divo/ performative intervention - sculptural performance/performer

2017 Nagl ~ Wintersberger

Choreography: Andrea Nagl

Performance: Andrea Nagl, Carla Schuler, Una Wiplinger

Music: Karlheinz Essl

Video & photos: Markus Wintersberger


Ball,Baum,Taube/ performance with dance and live music/performer, singer/songwriter

2017 schallundrauch agency

Ball, tree and dove. Three words fill everyday life for weeks and then gradually words begin to rain. City words. Excavator, car, dog, crane, subway, penguin, home, umbrella, Danube, coffee, kaokao, avocado. Cow and tractor are vacation words. Sea anyway.

What is it like to grow up in the city? What rhythm do city words have? Where does my friend the raven fly to? I like to ride cabs and subway lifts, I want to press all the strange doorbells and walk into all the building entrances, I want to wear hats, hoods and helmets, climb on all the mopeds and say "hello" to the people I choose. Often it is noisy in the city, I prefer to be noisy myself and sometimes I am very quiet and watch the ducks.


Ball, tree, pigeon, ball, tree, digger, ball, tree, penguin. The songs, stories and poems in this performance spring from the vocabulary of children between one and a half and three years old.

Director: Janina Sollmann

Performance, music, play development:

Michael Haller, Jules Mekontchou, Una Wiplinger

Space, light, technical direction, performance:

Silvia Auer

Costume, stage set, props:

Anna Panzenberger

Assistant Director: Simone Kühle

Artistic advice: Gabriele Wappel

Dramaturgical advice: Frans Poelstra

Pedagogical support: Karin Vrbecky

Photos: Theresa Pewal




Augmented Reality/ performance/performer


Concept and performance: Agnes Distelberger, Elina Lautamäki, Una Wiplinger

Costume, video installation & photos: Reichel&Rußmann

Giraffen Summen/ performance for babies with live music/performer, singer/songwriter

 2016 schallundrauch agency


The whole world is a giraffe. The living room table, the chair legs, the stove, the kitchen lamp, my changing table, mom and dad, all giraffes. All of them are infinitely tall and so far up. Giraffes eat leaves, branches, whole twigs, they fall to the ground from two meters at birth, they can walk after a few hours, they are breastfed for 8 months and giraffes hum when they talk. Do they tell each other anything? Are they bored? Are they longing? What for?


"Giraffen summen" is a theatrical experience for the very young and their parents. In the midst of a soft floor installation, three performers hum, dance, sing, rhyme and tell stories. The babies are allowed to explore the performative installation while lying, crawling or walking. Meanwhile, their companions can enjoy the performance and watch their little explorers on their journey through the space.


»A finely crafted performance that delights all the senses.« (Tanzschrift)


»[…] a very successful performance for even the youngest theatergoers.« (Kurier)

Concept, Director: Janina Sollmann

Artistic advice: Gabriele Wappel

Performance: Jules Mekontchou, Michael Haller, Una Wiplinger

Floor installation and room: Dorli Mayer

Space and light, technical direction: Silvia Auer

Costume: Anna Panzenberger

Assistant Director: Victoria Philipp

Assistant stage designer: Martina Nagl

Press and PR, Production: Jasmin Strauss-Aigner

Photos: Theresa Pewal