Photo: Mélanie Eugenie Ziegler

Oona Minoo (aka Una Wiplinger) is a multi- and interdisciplinary maker and performer in the fields of music, dance and theatre.

Fundamental to her is the contact with the audience and making art accessible to everyone.

In a relaxed atmosphere, she creates intimate and playful performances about human themes.

Not letting herself be limited by borders of genres, she experiments with the relationship of different expressive media and moments of crossing an merging.

In her solodebut Frau mit Flügel/Vrouw met Vleugel Oona Minoo approaches the piano with her whole artistic personality, not only musically, but also bodily and verbally. In an intimite atmosphere she makes her piano compositions accessible, even for the audience not used to the "classical concert".

At the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, she studied Rhythmics (a transdisciplinary field of study in the areas of music and movement), with a special focus on contemporary dance, classical piano and singing. At the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, she followed her curiosity in experimental approaches and her genre defying ideas at the Master for New Audiences and Innovative Practices.